We carry Juzu or Buddhist Prayer Beads of the Nichiren or SGI variety.
Here are some examples of what we have on hand.

We accept Visa or Master Card cards by phone.
651 246-2022

We will occasionally make up custom sets at our discretion.
Common stones may include amethyst, jaspers, agates, jade,
rose quartz, carnelian, mother of pearl & howlite.
Please remember that custom orders will be more expensive.

8mm sets are approximately 26-27 inches long.
6mm sets are approximately 22-23 inches long.

We warranty our beads for 120 days from date of purchase on the receipt.
If they break during that period, return them to us & we will restring them for free.
After 120 days, there will be a $20 restringing fee plus $5 to ship them back to you.

We will not make up any juzu out of ruby, sapphire, emerald
or iolite as they do not come with large enough holes to string them
properly with the tiger tail wire we use.

On the left, natural rose quartz with off white tassels.
The beads are 6mm & 4 mm. Cost $49

On the right mother of pearl with lapis 3 hole beads.


 Jade beads with black tassels $89
6mm & 4mm jade with green aventurine 3 hole beads.

Brown Tiger Eye with brown tassels. $99
8mm & 6 mm beads. Man's set.
Rudraksha 3 hole beads & smoky quartz accents.

Smoky quartz beads with obsidian 3 hole beads.
Russet tassels. 6mm & 4 mm beads.

Amethyst beads with Black Onyx Accents
6mm & 4mm beads. Black imitation silk tassels.

Chalk Turquoise with Clear Quartz Accents
Aqua colored imitation silk tassels
6mm & 4mm set

Rainbow Coated Clear Quartz Crystal
Pink imitation silk tassels
5mm & 3mm beads

Angelite Beads with Howlite 3 Hole Beads
Blue imitation silk tassels
6mm & 4mm beads

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